Anxiety Trip

by Funny Kids

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It's a Punk Rock record


released October 23, 2013

Isaac Solomona wrote and recorded the songs
Edgar Flores rocked and recorded the solos
Former drummer, Joseph Alvary, recorded drums on "The Vivian and Joseph Song"



all rights reserved


Funny Kids Bakersfield, California

We try too hard not to be try hards.

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Track Name: We're Back
Here we go again, we're back
But this time around we brought a spine
But we're still pretty weak
I'm sick as fuck dog, fight me in a week

Oh no its another Punk band, they sound the same
3 chords and shitty chorus, that's fucking lame
I am the master of music, I say what's good and bad
If its not deep and complicated, then it is shit

Go fuck yourself, you bitch
You're a failed musician college student
We didn't come here to impress
We didn't come here to rock
We came here to disappoint and let you down
So please if you will, show your fuckin ass OUT

(Edgar's rippin solo)
Track Name: Normal Life
Stewart's you're everyday normal guy
He lives a very normal life
He's got 2 kids and a dog and a wife
But his wifes a bitch

I'll tell you why she's such a bitch

His wifes fucking other men and he doesn't know
It's just another late night out hangin with the girls
He first found out when she came home
And smelled of shame and sweat and
Antonio Banderas Cologne

Antonio Banderas Cologne(x3)

Oh man, I really feel sorry for you
I wish there was something I could do
But you got caught up in the American dream
And it's all your fault
Track Name: My Friend Lora
Do you know what it's like live off your friends?
Do you know what its like to rely and depend?
My friend Lora shes always there to comfort me
My friend Lora, the benzodiazepine

My friend Lora, shes there when I need her the most
My friend Lora helps me fall asleep
My friend Lora comes to comfort me
My friend Lora carefully sedates me

Yeah I know it's sad
They say I'm in a broken mental state
But at least I know she'll stay
The day she leaves is the day I'll break

chorus (X2)

My friend Lora
She's one of a kind
I pop her twice a day

My friend Lora, I take her twice a day
My friend Albert, I smoke him like a chain
My friend Adams, I drink him all day
My friend Lora eases my pain

My friend Lora, Lorazepam
My friend Lora, Lorazepam
My friend Lora, Lorazepam
My friend Lora, the benzodiazepine
Track Name: Ego
We're not you're sycophants, you fucking narcissist
Did anyone ever tell you, you're an ASSHOLE
Wearing pink shirts and trying to be funny
No one gives 2 shits

Yeah you're the fun guy, the life of the party
sitting around telling all your stories
I'm in the back having a great yawn cuz you're so fucking boring

I show respect where respect is due
I sure as hell don't respect you
You act like we gotta worship you
I'm sick and tired of talking about you

UGH! Step back, and give me my fucking pack
Before I give your face a slap
I grab your neck and I'm choking it
Cuz you stole my cigarette

I will fall
I will fall
I will fall cuz I am a narcissist
Track Name: Damage Control at Half a Pack
I think it's time for another frajo
I'm running out of motherfucking smokes, almost
I think it's time to pick up another pack, on the way home from work
But I only have 6 bucks, fuck
That's only enough for one, almost two

I just need 2 dollars I can get my smokes
I need 2 dollars to get my smokes
Somebody wanna give me a fuckin ride to walmart
So I can get my smokes you fucking asshole
See how mad I get, when I don't have my cigarettes
So if anybody wants to fucking give me a ride
I will give you 5 dollars for gas money
Track Name: The Cycle
I can't get a job, I can't pay my bills
I've got no future, I've got no education
I get money from my mom and I steal it from her purse
I think it's funny, cuz she doesn't even notice

I get by on cigarettes and a little bit of beer
But mostly coffee and nicotine
It keeps me awake
So I take some pills
They knock me out but it gives me bad dreams

Some say I'm not Punk
Cuz I don't spike my hair right
Well I can't because I'm bald

But I don't give a fuck
Cuz this is a scene
Where we're supposed to have fun and not be judgmental

So are we just gonna keep fighting or are we gonna fight the right people?
Are we gonna stay united?
Or are we gonna drift apart cuz that's what it looks like
That's what it looks like
We're like fuckin Metal Heads
Where we do things to be Punk cuz that's the rules
Track Name: The Vivian and Joseph Song
Vivian it's me again, Zollor
I know its been a long time

Oh yeah the obsession
Is still very real
I'll always be there for you, even when you don't want me
Showing up at your house uninvited
That's how much I care
Why don't you love me?

Vivian it's me again
Vivian it's me again
Vivian it's me again, Zollor
Track Name: Scene
No more scene kids
No breakdowns
No more straightened hair, no lies
Punk Rock never died
But your scene will

No more fucking scene kids
No breakdowns
Long live the power chord
No christian bands with straightened hair, no lies

No 2 step riffs with ninja mosh pits
Just really fast drum beats
With raspy vocals over that

Punk Rock never died
But your scene should

When's this scene gonna die

Aren't you tired of hating this town?
And singing about your ex-girlfriends?
And preaching god in your songs?

Well I'm tired of hearing about it
This christian hardcore's gotta stop

When's your scene gonna die?